Our fundraising goal 2015/16 & 16/17


Dates and goals:

 Halloween discos – 2k raising money for trips Friday 14th Halloween

 Xmas fair 3k Friday 9th December Goal: IPads

 Kids quiz- Tuesday 7th Feb: Code Club Pis

 Adult quiz Friday 31st March 2017: Code Club Pis

 Spring disco -Friday 5th May 2017 Goal 2k for outside projects

Take Shelter May weekends.

 Summer fair Saturday 1th July 2017 Goal 2k for IT replacement



This year we are aiming to raise £12,000 for Downs Junior School. £5,000 of this will be going towards the amazing 3G grass (A.K.A. The Field of Dreams) which is now in the lower playground. This 3G grass has transformed the school and the children love it!

Keep track of our progress here:

FODJ Fundraising Goal 2015/16

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