Easy ways to help FODJ

Pressed for time and not sure how you can help?

Here’s how!

Life is busy, especially with kids! As parents ourselves, we know that parents and carers have a lot on their plate already, and it can be a challenge to find time to do all the things we’d like to do.

However, even if you’re pressed for time, you can still help. Here are a few quick and easy ways you can support the Friends of Downs Junior (FODJ):

Like us on Facebook

The Friends of Downs Junior (FODJ) is now on Facebook! Click on the Facebook logo below, or visit https://www.facebook.com/FODJbook and click the ‘Like’ button to get news and updates from FODJ! You can also contribute by commenting and writing posts to the page.



Do you do an online grocery shop? Do you order things from shops like Amazon, M&S, Ebay and John Lewis, etc.? Do you order stock for your business or a company you work for? Then you can raise money for FODJ while you shop at over 2,000 retailers, at NO EXTRA COST to you. Over £200.00 has been raised for FODJ, and that is just from 22 parents being registered. Just imagine what we could raise if all parents registered!


To find out more and to register, click on the easyfundraising logo above, or visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/fodownsjnrs/. The easyfundraising donation reminder is also a really helpful tool. A small, unobtrusive banner appears across the top of the page when you visit an eligible retailer to remind you that you can raise money for FODJ from your order through easyfundraising.

Order STIKINS name labels from Label Planet

Does your child keep losing things at school? Get your child some STIKINS name labels and raise some money for FODJ at the same time! STIKINS name labels are excellent – you don’t have to sew or iron – you just stick them on clothes, shoes, water bottles, tupperware and lunch boxes. They stay on wash after wash – I didn’t have to replace any of them all year.

When you order STIKINS name labels from Label Planet, FODJ earns 30% commission! So, for example, if you order 120 labels for £12.50, FODJ would get £3.75 commission at no extra cost to you. Click on the banner below to order, or go to the Label Planet website and quote School Reference number 6096 when you order to raise money for FODJ!

Click here to visit Name Labels

Share your skills

Are you a designer, an event planner, an artist, a gardener, a chef, a sales professional or run your own business? Pretty much any professional skill you have can be helpful to FODJ! Over the years, parents and carers have contributed their skills through helping create decorations for the disco, by baking cakes to sell, helping design the year 6 yearbook, contributing a prize to the Winter Fair auction, and getting their hands dirty by getting some greenery into playgrounds, and in many other ways.

If you have a skill you’d be happy to share, please get in touch!

Have a clear out!

Over the years FODJ has run Phil the Bag and this year we trialled a Table Top sale. When we run these events, we need parents, carers and kids to have a clear out of their old items, either to donate through Phil the Bag or to sell at the table top sale. You get a clutter-free house, and you also help raise some money for FODJ! What could be better?


There lots of ways you can volunteer which don’t take up very much time – you can run a stall at a fair or disco, you can help with the prep work for a fair or disco from home, you can bake cakes to sell at events, you can help design posters for events or join us for labelling items for the tombola, for example.

If you’d like to volunteer even a little bit of your time, please get in touch!

For those who would like to get more involved

We are always happy to have parents become involved and we welcome all parents and carers to FODJ meetings, which will be advertised on the FODJ Facebook page. Come along and find out what it is all about, or get in touch to find out more.

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