Local Business directory – FODIS and FODJ

Welcome to the Community Shout-out page for FODJ/FODIS. This is where we celebrate and champion the interesting work/businesses/projects that the parents and carers of Downs kids do. If you need a local tradesperson, cool present, local designer or whatever… then check out this directory first. Let’s see if we can network amongst ourselves to support each other to thrive and grow.
We will also feature companies that support the school with raffle prizes and help with events. So if you want to add your information here, then let us know. Spread the word – let’s WORK together.

If you’d like to add your business please fill in the form and mail ‘fodjbrighton@gmail.com‘ to let us know you have done so.

Biz details form

If you are web developer and can help us make this look a little prettier then do get in touch!