Winter Fair

The Winter Fair is an annual event organised by FODJ, with a wonderful holiday season feel. There’s loads of fun things to do, including games, makes, the tombolas and the silent auction – to name a few! Not to mention the mulled wine and the delicious treats on offer…

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of  the wonderful parents and carers who volunteer, as well as the students and the school. We know everyone is busy, but if you are interested in helping us, we can find you a job that fits around your busy schedule!

Organising the event

One – two months before:

  • Apply for Drinks Licence from Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Start recruiting parent volunteers via newsletter, bookbag letters, etc.
  • Staff volunteers – place sign-up sheet on noticeboard in staff room
  • Make a poster and hang up around school – on gates and one on each classroom window
  • Decide on activities and stalls – check what is already in the FODJ cupboard and order anything needed (could order activities from
  • Decide on makes and check what is already in the FODJ cupboard. List out any requirements and purchase.
  • If getting each class to lead on a stall, assign a stall to each class and inform the class/parents.
  • Speak to Mr Francesci to confirm rooms available for use.
  • Speak to Class of their Own after school club about use of the canteen
  • Speak to Mr Button (Caretaker) about the date of the winter fair
  • Send out letters for donations for raffle and auction (if doing an auction)
  • Find a Santa – ensure they are CRB checked
  • Buy presents from Santa
  • Talk to Miss Rusbatch about the school choir
  • Decide on and order non-perishable food
  • Buy raffle ticket books

Two weeks before:

  • If doing an auction, once auction items have been identified, send out auction letter to parents for their bids with a date for all bids to be returned by.
  • Get volunteers to wrap presents, cut out makes, fill canisters, etc.
  • Send out letters to parents about tombola donations
  • H&S – complete the risk assessment form
  • Identify a compere, if using.
  • Sort through volunteer sheets and send an acknowledgement/thank you email.

Few days before:

  • Collect tombola donations + label them
  • Gather catering equipment and other thing needed in the kitchen.
  • Buy drinks and perishable food (e.g. hot dog buns, biscuits for decorating, etc.)
  • Aassign volunteers tasks and add this to spreadsheet

On the day:

  • Pin up copies of the volunteer spreadsheet so that everyone knows where they need to be and what they need to do
  • Start setting up stalls and grottos
  • Set up food stalls and turn on any equipment as needed
  • Get snow machine out
  • Put up decorations
  • Have Fun!

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