Kid’s Quiz

Organising the Kid’s Quiz

One – two months before:

  • Agree date, time & duration of the Quiz with Head.
  • Check hall is available (no after school clubs).
  • Design poster.
  • Decide who is going to write the questions or split between Committee members (Topics this year : Science & Nature, Music, Entertainment, History, Sport x 8 questions each + Picture round x 12 pictures).
  • Find a Quiz Master for the event.
  • Decide who from the Committee can help at the event and whether we need parent volunteers (need 6-8 helpers in total).

Two – three weeks before:

  • Put up posters.
  • Letters out to pupils in book-bags with slip to complete. Must get a parents emergency tel. number in order that child can enter quiz.
  • Collect slips & money as it comes in to the office.
  • Buy prizes (E.g.: rosettes + chocolate bars wrapped in ‘winning’ wrapper! For 1st place, Runners Up and ‘Best Team Name’ ).
  • Write Risk Assessment.

Four – five days before:

  • Distribute tickets in book-bags.

Two – three days before:

  • Shop for Juice, milkshake, snacks, and popping corn.
  • Check we have enough biros – if not, purchase some.
  • Print out price list for snacks & drinks.
  • Photocopy answer sheets & picture round sheets.

On the day:

  • Get floats for snacks & drinks sales.
  • Set out tables in main hall: Tables from classrooms off hall, chairs from hall.
  • Set up projector if using and sound system for music round.
  • Set up snacks & drinks table at back of hall including jugs of water.
  • Price up snacks and drinks.
  • Answer sheets & picture round sheets distributed to teams tables.
  • Committee to check all children in to the quiz and ensure we have an emergency tel for each child.

During the Quiz:

  • Helper 1 – On entrance door / security (more help here if available)
  • Helper 2 – Quiz master
  • Helper 3 – Marking answer sheets
  • Helper 4 – Marking answer sheets
  • Helper 5 – Selling snacks & drinks (and maintaining H&S in the hall)
  • Helper 6 – Selling snacks & drinks (and maintaining H&S in the hall)
  • Helper 7 – Selling snacks & drinks (and maintaining H&S in the hall)

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