Spring Disco

FODJ also holds a disco in the summer term, and it is always a popular event, and for good reason! Who doesn’t like to dance the night night away with their friends and eat yummy food?

Organising the Disco

Two months in advance (or more!)

  • Decide date with Head Teacher, school office and school premises manager
  • Decide theme
  • Agree rooms available with Head Teacher and office. Usually:
    • the hall – for the disco
    • 6H classroom – for chill out cinema room
    • the Orange Room – for the Photo Booth
    • the whole canteen preferably, but if not then half the canteen – for the food, snacks and drinks, as well as the hairspray, face paint and tattoos.

One month before

  • Ask Music Teacher to collate children’s sing requests for play list if not booking a DJ
  • Ask someone to play the playlist if not booking a DJ
  • Ask someone to create the photo booth backdrop

At least 3 weeks before

  • Poster
  • Google forms for tickets + volunteers
  • Advertise: school newsletter, leaflet for bookbag, FODJ Facebook and FODJ website
  • Nominate a committee member to check the post-box daily for ticket payments and to reconcile with Google form applications on a rolling basis.

2 weeks before

  • Provide Jacqui (school office) with details for orders for:
    • food (Tesco)
    • face paint
    • tattoos
    • hairspray
    • confetti cannons
    • (NOTE: use previous years orders as a template)
  • Go to Bookers for drinks, sweets, etc. (please see previous year’s order for details of what we buy at Bookers)
  • Purchase popcorn kernels for volunteers to pop.
  • Confirm availability of camera, batteries, tripod, SD cards.
  • Check we have fuel for chaffing dishes (what we cook the hot dogs in). If not, order.
  • Check how we are doing for volunteers and send out text and email asking for more help where needed.
  • Decide and source films for chill out room.

1 week before

  • Check arrangements for playing movie in cinema room (in 2015 required a laptop with HDMI output, but this may change)
  • Check how we are doing for volunteers and send out text and email asking for more help where needed.
  • Distribute popcorn kernels to children for parents to pop and bring in on the day.
  • Decide prices of food, drinks, flashing jewellery, hairspray, face paint and tattoos.
  • Ensure the risk assessment is completed – see previous year’s risk assessment.
  • Organise floats. Each float has had £25 of change, including:
    • £10 of £1 coins
    • £5 of 10p coins
    • £5 of 20p coins
    • £5 of 50p coins

In the days before the disco

  • Create class lists from the Google form and send to class teachers so children know if they are on the list
  • Print off class lists (with contact numbers) for sign in on the night (possibly even on the morning of the discos)
  • Locate hand stamps for sign in
  • Make signs for items for sale (food, tattoos, etc.)
  • Email volunteers to thank them and let them know what they will be doing on the night.
  • Print off several copies of volunteer list with names and roles, as well as a map of stations, so that when volunteers arrive they can find out where they should go
  • Send out a reminder email and/or text to parents with disco information (were to drop-off and collect children)
  • Ensure we have everything needed for stalls
    • Lighter for lighting chaffing dishes
    • Can opener for hot dogs
    • Bowl with water and sponge for tattoos
    • Brushes and palette for face paint

On the day: Set up

  • Greet volunteers and let them know what needs to be done.
  • Take photos of the classrooms being used (6H and Orange room) to ensure rooms are put back the way they were
  • Make sure we have lots of black rubbish sacks.
  • Set up the films in the chill-out room so they are ready – through laptop?
  • Set up the DJ station and music system
  • Put up the photobooth backdrop
  • Set up food stations (NOTE: please ensure half of the food is set aside for second disco)
  • Set up hairspray, tattoo and face paint stations (NOTE: Please make sure to set aside half of the hairspray so that there is some left over for the second disco)
  • Put up decorations in the hallways
  • Ensure non-access areas are blocked off
  • Put up volunteer list and map by the main entrance so volunteers can see where they need to go.

On the day: DISCO!

  • Greet volunteers (and sign in any accompanying children)
  • Ensure sign-in volunteers are in place for the start of the disco
  • Sign children in – NOTE: All children should sign in from the middle playground only (unless accompanied by a volunteer). If any parents try to drop their children off at the main entrance, please send them to the middle playground.
  • Ensure all exits have an adult on the door, especially the main entrance.
  • While Year 3/4 disco is running, prepare sign-in clipboards etc. for the Year 5/6 classes.
  • For Year 5/6 disco – ensure that each Year 6 class is called for a class photo in the photo booth for the Yearbook.
  • Take photos! These are for the newsletter, website and Facebook. Please note: No pictures should be published without ensuring we have permission from parents, so if possible take some pictures of the children so that you can’t identify them (i.e. backs of head, etc.)
  • Have fun!

On the day: Clear-up

  • Have a cold drink!
  • Take down decorations and photo booth and keep anything that can be reused (within reason!)
  • Collect all takings from each stall, ensuring you keep the takings from each area separate so we can see what each area took.
  • Sweep up the floors, fold up tables, etc.
  • Ensure classrooms are put back the way they were, based on photos taken earlier on in the day.
  • Put anything being kept away in the FODJ shed in an organised fashion so that we can easily locate it for the next disco.

After the Disco:

  • Count the takings + calculate the profit
  • Get photos from Photo booth printed and organised by class
  • Send a thank you email to volunteers, and make sure to ask for feedback – what sold well? What didn’t? Did we run out of anything? Or have too much left over of anything? How could we improve the volunteer experience?
  • Announce takings from disco in newsletter and on FB and website, and include photos (if there are any we can use).